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High Salinity means Unhealthiness

You don't need to use too much salt for cheese protection

The fact that the shelf-life of cheeses which are fresh and low salted is too short is widely known. The reason of this situation is the ability of bacteria and fungi in the air to reproduce quickly on the surfaces of cheeses and cause them to decay. There would still be the problem of short shelf-life of cheeses which are fresh and low salted, even if they are stored in cold temperature.

There have been studies and researches for decades to find a remedy to address this problem. Cheese manufacturers did not prefer to use these remedies because they had synthetic ingredients in them, they were expensive, were not approved by dairy product regulations nor were they able to provide the necessary protection.

Soley Biotechnology Institute which has been successfully involved in Biotechnology and located in 18 countries for over 16 years, has developed an X-12 protection water, containing natural compounds by using nanotechnology and has made it possible to extend the shelf-life of fresh cheeses by 3 to 10 times.

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The X-12 induced water has the ability to cover the whole surface area of the cheese, create a layer on it and prevent it from decay by forming a barrier between the air and the surface of cheese. Also there is no longer decaying of cheese caused by storing it in brine water for too long.

Thanks to the nanobiological substances, X-12 has an ability to stick only to the texture of cheese (calcium molecules) which makes redundant the use of brine water process.

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